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“He’s awake Dad.”

Andy turned his head from the television at the sound of his daughter’s voice.  The blonde teenager had just emerged from the garage and had a broom in hand.  Andy rose from his lounge chair and joined her at the bottom of the stairs.  He took the broom from her and set it aside.  He kissed her gently on the forehead.

“All cleaned up?” he asked her.

“Yes Dad.  Cleaned and dressed to your specifications.  But it’s…”

“Hush.  I know it’s confusing, but you needn’t worry your head over it.  In time, you’ll become used to it.”

“It was Mom’s dress-”

“I could have chosen yours from last year’s prom.”

“Oh,” the girl said in sudden relief.  “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome darling.  Now, why don’t you go and get cleaned up yourself and get to bed.  If you’re lucky maybe ‘mommy’ will stop in to kiss you goodnight.”

“I’m a little old for that, don’t you think?” she asked, starting up the stairs.  “And it’s more than a little weird.”

“Like I said, you’ll get used to it.”

The young woman disappeared up the stairs and Andy turned his attention to the door leading to the garage.  He took a deep breath, pulled the door open, and stepped out into the room.

Boxes and old furniture lined the walls of the garage like usual, but there was an open space in the center of the room where Andy’s sports car was typically parked.  He’d parked it outside to make room for things this evening. 

There was a little light coming in through the windows on the garage door from the street light outside.  It wasn’t enough to see clearly by, but Andy knew were things were at and wasn’t worried about running into anything. 

In the center of the room, slightly silhouetted by the light from outdoors, was a woman’s form.  At least, it looked like a woman’s form.  But as Andy turned on the overhead lights it was revealed it wasn’t a woman at all.

Bound with his arms stretched overhead and clad in a stunning white wedding dress was Michael, one of Andy’s longtime friends.  The two had been friends with one another ever since junior high and remained such even now, in their late thirties.  Though, clearly that relationship had changed in the last few hours.

Michael twisted his head around beneath the veil he wore and faintly saw Andy approaching.  Without his glasses on, it was all a blur to him.  But he knew it had to be Andy.  He was more than familiar with the garage her was in and could have sworn he’d seen Andy’s daughter leaving the room as he’d regained consciousness.

Michael tried to vocalize his confusion and anger with Andy, but the huge red ball gag filling his mouth prevented him from doing so coherently.  It also caused Michael’s jaw to ache painfully as it held his mouth open.

Michael moaned and groaned and tugged at his restraints as Andy walked around him slowly and came to a stop in front of him.

“Shut up,” Andy said firmly.  When Michael continued to bellyache into the gag stuffed into his mouth, Andy rose a hand up.  “Shut up, or I swear to Christ I’ll slap you like the bitch you are.”

Michael fell silent and looked at Andy with questioning eyes.  Why had he done this to him?  What was his intentions?  His shoulders ached almost as much as his jaw did and he longed to be free.  Why had he tied him up like this?

On the opposite of the same coin, Michael was a bit aroused.  Ever since his college years he’d loved bondage.  He’d had a couple lovers through the years who’d enjoyed being bound, and a couple others that enjoyed tying him up.  It was the latter he liked the most.  Sure he’d often stroked himself to climax over images of women bound, but what he really desired was to be tied and trussed up.  It was a secret fetish he hadn’t shared with many.  Andy had known of Michael’s love for bondage…well, at least part of it.  What Michael hadn’t been aware, what he’d kept secret from Andy through all the years, was his passion for crossdressing.

That particular fetish had come even before college.  Michael had always felt a bit ‘off’ in the body he possessed.  Countless nights had gone by where he’d wished he’d been born a girl.  This part of his life he’d kept secret from all but a select few.  The number of lovers he’d told this to he could count on a single hand.  And have fingers left over. 

Andy had never been one he’d confided such things with.  Andy was stern.  Andy was strict.  And right now…Andy had all the control.

“Don’t you look…well ‘amazing’ isn’t exactly the right word is it?  You don’t exactly fill it out if you know what I mean.”

Michael looked down at his body, at the dress he now wore.  It looked familiar, but he wasn’t sure why.  He’d owned a number of dresses through the years, but most of them were long gone.  And he’d never owned a wedding dress.

This one hugged tight to his body, but there was still the open space where a pair of breasts should have filled.  It was made of satin and lace and had beads here and there.  The long sleeves covered his arms and yet still kept his shoulders bare.  He could feel the cool air in the room on his back, which meant the back was open a bit too.

“Yeah, it doesn’t fit you quite as well as it fit it’s previous owner.  You remember her don’t you?  My ex-wife?”

Michael looked at him in disbelief.  He’d attended Andy’s wedding.  That’s why the dress looked familiar.  But his wife…she’d been a larger woman.  How on Earth did the dress fit him so snugly.

“Oh that,” Andy spoke up, sensing Michael’s confusion, “I had some alterations done.  My loving daughter…our loving daughter, assisted with that.  She’s a bit smaller than you obviously, so it’s probably a little snug in those places.”

Something about what he’d said stuck with Michael.  He’d said ‘our daughter’.  What did he mean by that?

Andy stepped up to Michael and grabbed the front hem of the dress and lifted it up.  He shook his head in disappointment.  The cool air made Michael realize he wasn’t wearing any underwear.  He had been.  He was certain of it.  Sure, they’d been women’s panties, but he remembered putting on a pair that morning.

What had happened that day?  He’d met up with Andy for lunch.  It’d been awhile since they’d crossed paths.  Not since the funeral.  Had it really been that long?  Where’d the time gone?

More importantly, where’d the time gone since lunch?  For the life of him, Michael couldn’t remember anything after they’d sat down to eat.  It’d been at a local Italian shop, well before the lunchtime crowd hit.  They’d had the place pretty much to themselves.  They’d been in a booth in the back recesses of the restaurant; back where it was dark.

And then...then it was just darkness.  Michael couldn’t remember anything after that.  The next conscious memory he’d had was waking up here, dressed in his friend’s ex-wife’s wedding dress and strung up like a fish.


Yes, as Michael shifted around in his restraints, he could definitely feel a distinct lack of body hair.  His arms, legs, and chest had been shaven smooth.  The facial hair he’d kept for so long, that his wife had loved so much, was gone.  And, judging by the coolness he now felt while Andy held the dress up exposing his crotch…no inch of his body had been missed.

“That will have to go,” Andy said matter-a-factly.

Michael yelled into the gag, knowing Andy was speaking of his genitalia.  Angered by his outburst, Andy dropped the front of the dress, balled up a fist and plowed it into Michael’s belly.  The blow caused him to swing from the restraints tethering him to the ceiling and he gasped desperately for air through his nostrils.

Andy’s hand clamped down around Michael’s throat and forced him to look him in the eyes.  The veil felt tight against Michael’s face, pinned in place by Andy’s steel grip.

“Let’s get something straight right now.  I’m the man in this relationship.  Whatever…whoever you thought you were before now is gone.  You’re my bitch now and I will do with you as I please.  If you know what’s good for you Michelle, you’ll follow my instructions.  To the letter.  Without hesitation.  Is that understood, Michelle?”

Michael…or ‘Michelle’, as Andy insisted, nodded back quickly as he still struggled to fill his lungs with air.

Andy let him go and stepped back, allowing Michelle to dangle there, her weight fully supported by her wrists.  The blow had winded her and she hadn’t been quick to regain her footing beneath her.  It hadn’t helped that she was wearing high heels.  Nor had the short ankle-spreader bar was forcing her ankles apart awkwardly.

“You’ve always been a bit of a pushover; someone who’d rather roll over and just deal with the repercussions than stand up for yourself.  Well, what lies before you ought to be very easy for you.  You can follow what I tell you to do…or I can unleash a level of pain that you’re simply incapable of grasping the magnitude of.”

Andy walked over to a cabinet in the garage and withdrew a bottle of water.  He grabbed a folding chair from against the wall, set it up in front of Michelle and took a seat.  He sat there drinking for a moment while Michelle slowly regained some composure.

“You’re lost Michael.  You’ve been lost ever since…well since you lost her.  You’ve been floundering away, kicking like crazy in order to keep your head above water.  But you’ve been losing.  And sooner or later you’re simply going to give out.  I don’t think you even realize it.  But I’ve seen it.  I’ve seen it coming for some time.  Maybe that’s why I got distracted.  Why I wasn’t paying attention to my own family.  That’s how I ended up like you…alone.”

It’s not the same, Michael thought to himself.  He may have been in a haze since his wife’s passing, but he was still aware of what’d happened in Andy’s life.  He hadn’t lost his wife.  She’d left him.  It was not the same.

“I thought for sure my ex would try and take anything.  But she didn’t.  She made all the money anyway.  Sure, I had the inheritance, but she’d been the bread maker for years.”

Which is why I couldn’t stand being around you, Michael thought.  Andy hadn’t worked in years.  Ever since he’d been laid off it’d been his wife supporting their household.  Michael couldn’t stand it.  He hated how his friend for so many years had become such a lazy bum and forced his wife to be their sole means of income.

“So I’ve got some money stashed away.  Sure I been playing in the markets, making more that way.  You were never in on that.  You were always piss poor with your finances.  Living paycheck to paycheck.  It’s no way to live.”

Andy set his drink aside and rose to his feet.  He walked to the sealed garage door and gazed out at the neighborhood beyond for a moment.  The silence hung between them for a moment.

“It’s been quiet around the house.  More so than before.  Quiet…and lonely.”

He turned and smiled an evil grin at Michelle.

“And that’s where you come in, bitch.”

Andy strode back over to where Michael was strung up and pushed the chair out of the way.

“A household needs a woman.  Someone to cook.  Someone to clean.  Someone to do the laundry, make the beds, make the money.  And as the whore you’ve always aspired to be, you’ll be all those things and more.”

Andy reached forward and grabbed at Michael’s crotch, seizing tight to the man’s cock and balls through the cloth.  His grip was firm and Michael grimaced, clenching his eyes shut for a moment.

“These will be leaving.  There’s only room for one set of balls in this relationship.  If you behave yourself, I’ll make sure you get the finest surgeon to do the procedure.  If you don’t…if you get lippy or disobedient…I’ll cut them off myself.”

Andy let him go and started walking around Michelle as he spoke.

“You’ll start taking hormone pills.  You’ll grow that hair of yours out…you know I can’t stand women with short hair.  Until it’s longer you’ll be provided with a wig.  You’ll wear it at all times.  You’ll start attending the gym.  You’ll work off that belly of yours and start getting a lean, trim woman’s body.  You’ll start wearing make-up.  Don’t worry, your daughter will show you how.”

“Oh that’s right…not only are you becoming mine, but you’re also becoming a mother in the process.  You really lucked out; you missed all the diapers and sleepless nights.  Now she’s a young woman.  More of a woman than you…for now.  But as her mother you’ll also be tasked with seeing to her needs as well.  Doing things any loving mother would do for her daughter.”

Andy moved behind Michelle’s body and stepped up close.  Her wrapped his arms around her sides and held her tight against his body, his bulging erection pressing against her ass.

“I do blame you for this,” Andy said, speaking softly into her ear.  “We were there for you during your loss but you were your usual shut off self.  And when my marriage disintegrated…you were nowhere to be seen.”

I was still mourning the loss of my wife you asshole, Michael thought.

“So this predicament your in…you’re to blame.  You’re to blame and you will be the solution.  You will fill the void…just like I’ll be filling you up later.”

What?!  You’re insane.

“I don’t know any better way to consummate a marriage.  Oh yes…you will be my wife.  And not just in actions.  I will file the fucking paperwork and make it official.  But not until you’re passable.  When you’re that delicious piece of meat I can parade around in front of my friends…then you’ll officially be my wife.  But until that point, you’re just my nasty…slutty…bitch.”

With each word he pressed himself harder against her backside.  Michael tried to step away from him but it didn’t take long for any play in his restraints to disappear and then there was no escaping him.

Michael screamed into the gag, trying desperately to voice his displeasure in what was taking place.

“You’re to be seen…not heard dear.  And until you can keep your emotions in check, that gag stays in.  So do the ropes.  If you give yourself willingly to me tonight, maybe I’ll untie you.  But somehow I doubt you’re in the right mindset for that.  Are you Michelle?”

Michael shook his head from side to side, tears and spittle splattering this way and that as he moved.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Guess you’ll be spending the night down here, alone with your thoughts.  Well…you’re thoughts and an assload of my precious spunk.”

He hiked the dress up on Michelle’s backside and Michael cried out in fear as he heard Andy’s pants hit the floor and his bare cock press against his cheeks.

There was nothing he could do to stop what was coming.  A friendship that’d lasted decades was about to evolve into something else.  Something ‘Michelle’ wouldn’t initially like in the slightest.  But something she’d eventually grow to love.  Both, would find the emptiness in their lives filled and a new love, a love neither of them could have ever have expected, would come.


A little something I wrote up over the last few days.  Nothing too amazing, but it felt good just to write something.

Possible follow up?  Good chance.
So I made it into this year's Comic Creator Connection at San Diego Comic Con this year.  Time to polish up a piece of my work (something for general audiences), prep a pitch, and get my game face on.  Here's hoping to make some new acquaintances and maybe bring some of my stories to life.

I'm both excited as well as a bit nervous.


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